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Organic Bulgarian Rose Otto Series

Our queen status oil is farmed and distilled from the heart of the famous Valley of Roses in Bulgaria, Village of Tarnichene, by a family-run company. Being the most respected distiller in Bulgaria, they have been distilling Rose Oils and Hydrosols since 1909 and are certified organic by ACO and USDA.

Rose Otto (Rosa damascena) is extremely expensive to produce as the whole process is very labour-intensive. It is a low yield flower and requires about 4 tonnes of fresh rose petals, hand harvested in the early hours of dawn, to produce just a mere 250ml of the oil.

Rose Otto has a very complex plant chemistry. It contains more than 300 different plant components which explains why it is reputed to be able to assist in the relief of a wide spectrum of neurological and dermalogical problems.

Our Rose Otto series is available in the following format:

1) pure essential oil

2) 3% rose otto in jojoba oil certified organic

3) rose otto premium hydrosol certified organic

4) rose otto body silk


For item 4, please contact us at for more details. Thank you.

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