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Customer Testimonials

" My daughter and I visited your shop on 26 April 2015.

You're an angel sent from heaven. We are very happy and impressed with the way you treated us on our first visit. Your vast experience in blending of essential oil has greatly helped the recovery of Hazel's burnt face.  She applied the oil immediately she came home that afternoon and in the night, it was obvious that the redness and soreness has reduced tremendously and she was able to report for work the next day. 
Both Hazel and I would like to thank you through writing.
Your excellent service and help in solving our problem is greatly appreciated.
We'll see you very soon. " - Judy

" Round about mid October 2013 when I had a business trip to England, Spain, Germany and Poland, I discovered my skin to be in a bad state, with scabies rashes, inflammation and severe itches.  This came as a huge surprise and blow to me considering the fact that I have never had serious skin issues in the past.  In addition, I have never had issues with cold weather.

It was very stressful and disturbing for my daily routines, both at work and home. For some reasons, I was introduced to the plant aromatic science through Kenneth Chua.  I began to use a number of customised formulation oils, particularly the rose geranium oil, signature roman chamomile base oil, and peppermint oil.  Throughout few months of application, I consciously provided feedbacks to Kenneth on my skin conditions after using the oils; Kenneth made a few changes to the formulation and it works extremely well.


My skin condition has improved tremendously since a few months ago and it is fine now.  I no longer felt distress or disturbed by skin issues.  I made a decision to continue to use those oils till today.  In addition, I have explored into other remedies in order to adopt a more holistic approach to manage my life, especially work life as a busy working professional who travels very widely and frequently. I found a few oils that worked superbly well for me whenever I travel such as Melissa blend for fatigue treatment, eucalyptus oil as decongestant after a long haul flight, lavender mont blanc oil for intense stress relief, etc.


If I have a chance to share my insights, as this is truly not a marketing gimmick, I would seriously say that these oils are superb as they are of very high quality from reputable sources throughout Europe and Australia, and they are analysed through sophisticated and scientific analytical techniques.  My background as a professional chemist and executive who work in the pharmaceutical industry for the past 22 plus years certainly helps in understanding how these oils work.  Last but not least I also purchased bigger quantity and found the cost I spent on these oils to be reasonable and manageable.  More importantly these oils help me to live a better and healthier life. "

Ong Boon Kee, Regional Quality Director(Asia Pacific & Latina) GlaxoSmithKlin



" My older son and I simply love scents. As suggested by Caleb, I would place a few drops of rosemary and peppermint essential oils on hankies for my boys and I, and this keeps us focused and alert in the day while studying or working. This helps tremendously with jet lag too. Eucalyptus essential oil diluted in olive oil makes a great massage oil that relieves muscle aches and cramps, as well as joint pains at the end of the day. For relief of allergic rhinitis, coughs and nasal congestion, peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils diffused in the room, or dripped onto a hankie and place in pillow cases work wonders. Peppermint is useful for fevers too when applied to the soles. We will definitely be replenishing our supplies soon. "  - Yurni


" I had feel in love with your aroma boutique since day one the shop is open. Fantastic services and great premium quality product, if not, better! I am a crazy rose lover. Your otto rose essential oil had done wonders in many ways for me. Be it in lotion form, oil form or in shower gel. I got to really relax with it after a super duper stressful day. Nothing more I can ask for. thanks to Caleb and Kenneth, for your patience and times! Cheers! " - Christine


" Hi guys, all I can say is that your Chest Rub formula works like miracle on our son! Really appreciate your advices and the best part is, you are willing to listen to our needs. Thank you, Kenneth & Caleb! " - Ridhuan



" I've got a blend from The Naturalist Grandeur that is wonderful in helping the terrible knots and lumps on my shoulder and neck. I've had stiff shoulders for years and this blend that Caleb made for me actually helped with the pain and reduced the stiffness to an incredible degree that I no longer experience pain when I go for shoulder massage. A big big Thank You!.


The second Thank You goes to their Tea Tree and Peppermint EO, so versatile and potent for my pimples, headaches and tummy aches! " - June Ang




" We are truly grateful for the advice given to help us ease the much discomfort our son suffered from a nasty viral infection he suffered last week. On the first two nights he could not sleep due to the terrible itch despite his oral medications. We have always use aromatheraphy not only to relax but also to aid healing. The Naturalist has advised us to use our existin special blend chest rub for our boy, adding a few drops of cajeput and lavendar to soothe the itch, reduce inflammation and keep him relaxed so he can sleep better. Our son has since shared he no longer feels the itch badly and the best part he could sleep! That means we too could sleep:) The redness of the spots have slowly diminish and he is recovering w no more discomfort. At the same time we continue to use a special blend of eucalyptus in his room to keep the air bacteria free as much as possible. Thank you The Naturalist! Thank you Caleb! " - Syahan



" I had a such good night and sleep last night with Melissa which is specially blended there. That aroma reallly did not let me go. But my choice was right! Thank you for special blend." - Yuko Takenoshita