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About Us

"It is about experiencing what nature can offer, thus the only way to know is when you enter the store, something neither words nor virtual can represent. — CALEB & KENNETH (Founders of The Naturalist Grandeur)
Started in 2007, The Naturalist Grandeur specialises in aromatology and the creation of aromatic formulas. Housing a collection of more than 200 different types of fine grade essential oils, precious perfumery absolutes and seasonal essential oils, the boutique is also a place where you can find other natural remedies to provide you with a holistic approach to complete wellness and thus improving your overall quality of life.
We firmly believe that the power of true aromatherapy can only be achieved with fine grade of absolutes and essential oils. 
Hence, it is our strict commitments that:
1) All essential oils, perfumery absolutes and raw materials such as carrier oils are sourced from countries that best produced them.
2) All essential oils, perfumery absolutes and raw materials are never pre-bottled to maintain their freshness.
3) All blends, formulas and products are recommended and formulated only upon consultation so as to ensure that the needs of each individual are met. 
4) All essential oils and perfumery absolutes have gone through a careful selection via gas chromatography checks to ensure their true authenticity.
We also work with reputed brands to present you a complete range of natural and organic products that can cater for the well-being of your mind, body and spirit.