Rose Quartz Facial Roller

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Brand: The Naturalist Grandeur
Product Code: SCA01
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Carefully selected by our supplier who specialised in crystal so as to ensure a good quality rose quartz, this rose quartz roller can greatly assist in stimulating micro-blood circulation, lymphatic drainage as well as the reduce redness or inflammation due to the cooling effect of rose quartz. Use it when you are applying your face serums or face oils, it will assist in better penetration of the products.

Roll off the fine lines and wrinkles and welcome a firmer and shapely contoured face.

Comes in limited quantities as we believe quality over quantity.

How to use: Apply your skin care products on your face and use the roller in a upwards and outwards direction. The smaller side can be used under the eye areas to cool and reduce puffiness of the eyes.

*Please note that as this is a natural occuring crystal, the color for every piece will differ.

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