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Aromatic Wands

Inspired by wanting to allow aromatherapy to infuse into the daily lives of everyone, we are proud to introduce you our "Famous 5" aromatic wands. Come in an easy to use and portable roll-on, these aromatic wands will be able to allow you to enjoy aromatherapy all times at any place.

Proudly handcrafted in small batches with therapeutic essential oils, they can assist to address your concerns from having a good sleep at night to improving of concentration or boosting up of body immunity.

Just use them on pulse points or affected areas and let the therapeutic essential oils work to relieve your concerns. 

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Having problems sleeping? Dreamland is handy to transport you to a calm and relaxing sleep. Relax..
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Fresh Ginger Blend Roll On
Using a blend of Certified Organic Fresh Ginger Essential Oil together with other essential oils,..
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Heal All
Knocks, bruises, cuts or wounds are unavoidable at times. Using healing and soothing essential oi..
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Pain Rescue
Having an onset of migraine, headaches or neck/shoulder pain? Pain Rescue is on its way to reliev..
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Perk Me Up
Feeling drained out, tired after lunch time or stress at work? Perk Me Up is the perfect solution..
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Sniff No More
Using essential oils of Cajeput, certified organic Eucalyptus, Peppermint Premium and certified o..
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